Sunday, October 16, 2011

My Brunswick Birthday, year 4

Before this cooking rampage began, I had only really cooked one thing for others.  Brunswick Stew. 

For four years now in October, the Saturday right around my birthday, a friend’s church has a huge BBQ/garage sale/day of hanging in the yard.  I spend the night at her house, we wake up around 5 in the morning, and head over.  Together, with two to five others, we make and can 50 gallons of brunswick stew.  It is one of the most fun days of the year for me.  As exhausting as it may be, it is super fun. 

The Wednesday before the stew making-extravaganza, we go to the church and cut up, separate, and divide up the chicken.  We measure out the broth, just prep in general. 

This year, I felt very comfortable.  I usually wait for direction, asking for direct instructions.  This year, I just kind of ran with it.  I cut the chicken like a pro.  I measured and separated like an old hand.  And when it came time to start at the same time the roosters were rising Saturday morning, I moved through the kitchen in a manner that was like I had been there my whole life. 

It is amazing how a little experience can change a person.  The confidence has seemed to become a standard feeling.  The plus side of this confidence is that I really was able to enjoy the people around me without stressing about doing something wrong.  I was able to focus on the cooking without it being a whole entire focus.  The conversation, joking, and love around me was what I took away more this year than any year before. 

I love my Brunswick Stew Babes.  They make the Saturday near my birthday fun! 

Four years of brunswick lovin'

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