Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cookies and Encouragement. And an Announcement!

Saturday night, Kelly announced she wanted cookies. She then proceeded to get up and pull one of those just-add-water pouches out of the pantry. Shocked that we had such a thing in the house, I asked if I could just make her some cookies.

And how could she say no to that?

I got out a cookbook* to find a recipe for cookies. I have never made cookies before. Not from scratch. Not in this journey. I found a basic recipe for chocolate chip cookies. I then found a recipe for chocolate chip coconut cookies. JACKPOT!

I have become pretty confident in the kitchen. I feel like I can make anything I set my mind to making. However, somewhere in the middle of the process, ol' Mr. Skeptic always shows up to ask if I am sure these will be good. I usually just push him away. I usually cook when she is at work and I am by myself and have a chance to taste before anyone else. I am able to push his evil little sneer out of the kitchen because there is no one sitting there waiting for the oven timer to go off. No one, that is, except the dogs. And they don't get any.
Chocolate Chip Coconut Cookies!

But with Kelly there wanting cookies, I felt the pressure. I felt like they had to be good. There was a package of just-add-water waiting in the wings, taunting me, telling me that the cookies it would produce are no-fail.

But I pushed forward. I opted out of believing the lie in my head. I made cookies from scratch. No box, no package. Just a cookbook and me.

Turns out, the cookies were a hit. Oh my god, they were good! I took some to dinner with my parents on Sunday, and to a friend Monday night.

The self-doubt I feel at times is from years of not knowing, and telling myself that I can't. I believe now that I can, and add the knowledge I gain every time I walk into the kitchen. This is my battle against myself. So far, I’m winning the war. It feels good to overcome.

I doubt myself in a lot of things. This adventure through the kitchen has shown me that I can, indeed, overcome many of my fears and belief systems. What's next? What to overcome?

I’m so glad you asked!

I’m going to write a book. In November, I am going to participate in National Novel Writing Month. The goal is 50,000 words in 30 days. I have a plot, a basic outline, and am ready! I have spent most of my life thinking about a book, knowing there is one or ten of them in me, but always too afraid to let them out. It's time to let them out. This challenge is my way of making a beginning. I am not sure if I will succeed in the full 50,000 words, but I do know that I will write until my fingers bleed.

I tell you about this challenge not only so you, my fellow writers, can hop over and see if you are interested in participating with me, but also in hopes of gaining some support. I know this task will be daunting and at times I will feel like I want to give up. I will continue to blog during this process, and hope for your encouragement along the way. I have been overwhelmed by your support of this blog and my cooking, and just know it will be there as I move into a new adventure.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading my words and giving yours back to me. Your support has pulled me through a few recipes, hoping to finish, knowing I can because you will read about it and be there for me. This goes for those of you I know in person as well as the virtual ones.

This blog and the followers has given me more support than I ever dreamed of. I just needed an outlet to write out what I was doing. What I have received is an outpouring of love and support, recipes, and stories that push me harder and farther than I ever imagined. And for that, I am forever grateful.

Check out the NaNoWriMo website. If you decide that you, too, have a book inside of you that is ready to pop out in November, let me know. I'll cheer you on!

*There is no recipe posted in this entry.  I am unsure of recipe copyright laws, so for the recipe, please pull out your copy of Cook's Illustrated The Best Recipe.

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  1. That's awesome that you are going to write your book. I'm here to support you. I just recently posted article to my Facebook wall about copyright laws. Check it out, if you want to. :-)


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