Gadgets and Necessities

This page is dedicated to my kitchen tools.  As a writer, I know the importance of having that very special pen.  Well, the kitchen is no different.  As I gain more insight and cook more, I find I need more.  Every time I buy a new kitchen item, I feel like the luckiest kid on Christmas morning. 

After asking what a zester was and
why I needed to waste an entire lemon
 just for a little of the rhine, my mom
bought this for me.  :)

Flour, Sugar, Powdered Sugar, and Brown Sugar. 
Circa 197...

Possibly the best Christmas
 present for someone as
obsessed with mashed
potatoes as I am!

It's a cookbook.  And a novel.


Pastry Blender
Making BACON made easy

My new deluxe zester!
Garlic press

My new frosting gadget!

My book o' recipes

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