How I Found the Kitchen

All of my life, I protested cooking (and everything in general that I saw as in any way, shape, or form a domestic duty). 

But three months shy of my 34th birthday, I started to get this itch.  An itch to cook.  To really cook and learn.  And it wouldn't go away.  The itch seemed to tell me that, if I learned to cook, I would grow, both mentally and spiritually. 

Now, a few years, I find cooking to be one of the activities that brings me the greatest joys in life.  It has become yet another creative outlet, source of therapy, and a passion. 

This blog, hopefully, will fuse the passion for cooking with my original passion of writing together.  In honestly expressing thoughts and feelings about the cooking of the last ten months (as recorded in my journal), as well as keeping up with current kitchen tomfoolery, I hope to find a place we can commune, discuss, and share our common love of food and all things involved.

I welcome suggestions, comments, recipes, anything you may have.

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