Friday, October 28, 2011

New Learning

There’s a new store in the neighborhood.  I saw it as I was pulling into a show.  I had to work.  Run to get batteries.  Run to get wind screens for the mics.  Take pictures.  Listen to the music and enjoy myself.
But I couldn’t stop thinking about it.  I saw the sign.  (Was it a sign from heaven?  I think it was!)  Right there, right next to where I was.  It was calling my name, but I had to ignore it for the moment. 
I have never heard of this place before, but all I needed was the name.  It sounded amazing.  It sounded like a place I had to had to had to go into.
So I went.  Monday night, my friend and I went.  Overwhelming is a word.  Exciting is another one.  Wow.  I wanted to spend my whole entire bank account…not that it would get me far…but still.  I wanted to go broke in that store.  Self-control, Ivy, self-control...breathe...don't buy everything.  One thing at a time.  
One thing we found, though, is that they do cooking classes.  Small, intimate cooking classes!  And I thought I couldn't get any more excited in a public place…
We signed up.  The next night was Winter Soups and Salads.  I think she was pretty excited, and I know I definitely was.  It was difficult to get through work on Tuesday.  I kept looking at the clock.  I have been trying to find soup recipes, researching and reading about soups, as I do about the things I want to learn about.  
Showing up the next night, I was equally nervous and excited.  I had no idea the level of the other participants.  Would I make a fool of myself?  Would my newness show?
Turns out, it was super fun.  Our instructor, Gena Berry was excellent.  She has been a chef and recipe tester for many years.  She made three soups and two salads.  I made a million notes, both written and mental.  I learned a new way to cut corn off the cob.
The Cook’s Warehouse offers classes all the time.  There is also an assistant program there, something I could sign up for to help, to work hands on with chefs.  This could be a good thing!  Learning is part of this cooking, and I will continue to learn.  I am excited to find a new way of learning.
I have to tell you, I never imagined myself in a cooking class.  Certainly not before I started cooking, and not even since.  I suppose I just thought they were beyond my level.  Too expensive.  Too intimidating.  Too much commitment - I do not want to go back to school!
And maybe there is a bit of ego involved.  I have been doing super all on my own.  Everything I have cooked thus far has been on sole determination.  And that feels good.  It feels real because I put my mind to it and got it right.  Or wrong.
But it is time to go farther.  And sometimes to go to the next level, you have to take instruction.  There is always more to learn, when the willingness to listen is present.       


  1. I loved your entire explanation on why you didn't want to take cooking classes, you have many of the fears that hold people back from taking that extra step. I especially love the final quote, "there is always more to learn when the willingness to listen is present" Is that from your own words because I will be quoting you, well said love! And keep up the positive attitude, you're going to kick ass in your cooking classes. Can't wait to see what you make from what you've learned =]

  2. Thanks, Ky! Yep, those are my words. Use them wisely! :)
    I think I'm going to take a knife skills class next. Maybe then I can stop cutting my thumb every time I make mashed potatoes!


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